Honing Your Skills and Knowledge as an Adult

Don't Make These Nursing School Mistakes

It's okay to make mistakes and most nursing students will make some mistakes as they are pursuing a Doctor of Nursing. However, nursing can come with anxieties that other professions do not experience because you are often handling the life of a patient. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can reduce your risk of making a mistake.

Not Maintaining Relationships

Another mistake nurses make throughout their education is not spending more time forming relationships with other nurses. Keep touch with nurses after a rotation is over and look for opportunities to introduce yourself to charge nurses and directors.

They will inform you about jobs that become available and will also offer recommendations. Also, it is more fun to pursue a career when you have fellow professionals whom you have built rapport with and whom you feel comfortable sharing your struggles with as you pursue a Doctor of Nursing

Not Continuing Your Education

A Doctor of Nursing Practice is one of several doctorate degree programs. It is a program that you will pursue after you have completed a master's degree in Nursing. The purpose of the Doctor of Nursing is to prepare a nurse for the increasingly more complex clinical and faculty roles that a nurse must play. However, once you choose to become a nurse, you should be dedicated to continuing to educate yourself for the rest of your career so that you can always use the best practices as a nurse.

Not Learning to Laugh Off Mistakes

One of the most common concerns that nurses have as they enter into leadership roles is that they will make fools of themselves. This is a fear that never leaves for those across all professions regardless of how much experience and training they have.

It's important to laugh off any embarrassing moments you may have and focus on your immediate goals and responsibilities. However, as you further pursue a Doctor of Nursing, you'll be taught skills that will help you fulfill your duties as a nurse with more confidence. With a Doctor of Nursing, you will also have parity over other medical professions that have a Doctorate. 

Not Taking Advantage of Clinicals

Clinicals allow you to make mistakes and practice skills in a safe setting. The mistakes that you make are an opportunity for growth and you will have educators present who can help you learn how to avoid making them in the future.