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Why Should You Become a Nurse Coach?

A nurse coach is someone who works one on one with patients to help them improve their health through lifestyle changes. If you're already a registered nurse, you can attend a program to get a nurse coaching certification and upgrade to this fulfilling profession.

1. Make a real difference

Poor lifestyle choices are contributing to chronic diseases more and more nowadays. As a nurse coach, you will help patients who are struggling to better themselves. For example, if you have a patient who has a heart condition due to their lack of exercise and poor diet, it will be your job to coach them into improving these aspects of their life. Your advice and guidance will literally mean the difference between life and death for many of your patients.

2. Work one on one with patients

Many traditional nursing positions require you to work with so many different patients that it can be difficult for you to get to know them personally. As a nurse coach, you truly get to know your patients, and you'll want to do everything in your power to help them live healthier lives. They will also get the chance to know and trust you. This special connection often leads to much better results.

3. Get a head start on the competition

If you're interested in becoming a nurse coach, you should begin a nurse coaching program as soon as possible. Since it's a relatively new career option, the field is wide open and there are plenty of opportunities available. Over the next few years, more and more nurses will become nurse coaches and it will be more difficult to find good clients. If you get started in the industry sooner rather than later, you will have a much better chance of succeeding.

4. Higher pay

Once you get a nurse coaching certificate and get hired by your first few clients, you'll be making much more money than you ever did working as a traditional nurse. Nurse coaching is more than just a profession. The skills and knowledge that you gained as a nurse are exactly what your patients need to get their health back in good standings. Therefore, they're willing to pay top dollar for your coaching services.

5. No boss

As a nurse coach, you will have the opportunity to be your own boss. Rather than following the rules and guidelines of your superiors, you'll have the opportunity to use your knowledge and instincts to coach your patients in your own way.